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    The highest quality, upgradeable golf simulator

    Using state-of-the-art technology, the Albatross 3

    The new golf simulator from Albatross allows you to play a virtual round of golf on replica courses, by accurately measuring flight data from golf balls and transmitting it onto a jumbo screen. The simulator includes a wide-model booth and a kiosk control system, as well as full-3D graphics and many other features.
    (Complete system JPY 4.5 millionJPY 3.5 million)


    5000ANSI Lumens, high power 2008 model LCD projector

    Trajectory Sensors

    Emit three laser lines that are projected onto the sensor board below

    Sensor Board

    Lasers created by the trajectory sensors are the core technology that sense ball movement and data from the clubs

    Wide screen

    Thanks to the jumbo screen, the atmosphere of a life-sized golf course is created.


    Special materials that are excellent in preventing noise and absorbing impact
    *Optional feature

    Control Unit

    Kiosk-type unit with the latest computer system and LCD monitor with touch-screen functionality

    Hitting Area

    Composed of a 15mm thick rubber floor mat and tee designed to minimize shock

    Front Hitting Area

    A simple slopping design allows for a natural putting line and ball placement
    *Optional feature

    Sensor board, ceiling sensor (Infrared) 1 set
    High performance 5000ANSI projector 1 set
    Wide screen (2 layers) 1 set
    Hitting mat, tee mat 1 each
    High efficient computer with kiosk touch screen 1 set
    Consists of 29 golf courses, Stroke play, Match play, Skin mode, Course practice and Club practice.
    **Include the Single Maker practice analyze system.




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