• Components - Single Maker

      The new scientific name of golf 「 Single Maker 」! The new generation golf practice simulator!

    Albatross possess technology that other competitors cannot catch up with.
    Using the latest technology based on golf science to fulfill the need of golfer.

    • ・ Sensor : 3-way infrared sensor detect ball distance and trajectory instantly and accurately.
    • ・ hitting area : sensor located in front of the hitting area under the ground. No restriction for left or right side hitting.

    3000ANSI Projector
    Ceiling Sensors
    Emit three laser lines that are projected onto the sensor board.
    Sensor Board
    Lasers created by the ceiling sensors are the core technology that sense ball movement and data from the clubs
    Wide screen
    The jumbo screen creates a life-sized golf course atmosphere.
    Hitting Area
    Composed of a 15mm thick rubber floor mat and tee designed to minimize shock.
    Main system
    A high efficient all in one computer with built-in system.
    Sensor board, ceiling sensor 1 set

    Touch monitor with stand. *Optional

    3000ANSI Projector 1 set
    Wide screen (2 layers) 1 set
    Hitting mat, tee mat 1 each
    High efficient computer 1 set
    Include practice analyze system with club practice, course practice and Par 3 courses.




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