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    About the Albatross 3 Installation Process

    We provide service from create installation plan to machines installation for customers. It is necessary for us to frequently communicate with customers until we travel over for installation.

    Therefore, please contact us through phone or email first for inquiry.

    About Applying By Phone

    Please contact our staff through one of the office underneath for inquiry

    Albatross 3 International Staff
    〔Japan Head Office〕
    Minami tsukaguchi-chō,Amagasaki-Shi,Hyogo Japan
    Calling within Japan TEL: 06-7653-5223 From overseas TEL: 81-6-7653-5223

    〔Korean Branch Office〕
    Calling within Korea TEL: 031-715-5860 From overseas TEL: 82-31-715-5860

    〔China Head Office〕
    No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,ChaoYang District,Beijing,China.
    Calling within China TEL: 010-5869-3930 From overseas TEL: 86-10-5869-3930

    〔Hong Kong Business Office〕
    1-3,Wong Chuk Yeung St.Fotan,Shatin,N.T.Hong Kong
    Please feel free to contact us! Business hours:Monday-Friday 9:30-17:30

    About Applying By Fax
    Please fax us your tentative product purchase form once the required fields have been filled in.

    【Step1】 Fax the tentative product purchase form
    【Step2】 Our staff will contact you
    【Step3】 Confirmation of a meeting and installation location
    【Step4】 Actual product purchase request
    【Step5】 Product installation

    Click here for a tentative product purchase form.(PDF)

    For an application form, to request a brochure and for all other inquiries, please Click here.

    Business proposals



    GPRO Co., Ltd.


    5-1-8 Higashiueno,
    Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL :03-5827-4122


    5-14-12Minami tsukaguchi-chō,



    356, Marushincho, Kita-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi


    〔Korean Branch Office〕

    Iui-dong 1286,
    Yongtong-gu, Suwon-city, Kyunggi-do


    〔China Beijing〕

    1-11, Lucky Street, Chaoyang Park Road,Chaoyang


    〔China Dalian〕

    No.21 Dagong-Street, Zhongshan, Dalian


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    Albatross Detailed Material