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    Personal Information Privacy Policy

    Within the below privacy policy, the participating enterprises in the TSS Pronet Business Group (*more information under Company Overview), are refereed to as the 'TSS-Group,' and laws relating to the protection of personal information are refereed to as 'Personal Privacy Protection Law.'The below policy has been decided by and is applicable to the entire TSS-Group

    * Article 1 [Definitions]
    * Article 2 [Managing Personal Information]
    * Article 3 [How personal information is used]
    * Article 4 [Information sharing]
    * Article 5 [Commitment to privacy]
    * Article 6 [Customer rights]
    * Article 7 [Changes to this privacy policy]
    Article 1 [Definitions]
    'Personal information,' will refer to the name, address, and other identifying information of those individuals who actually exist (moreover any data that can easily be collated with other information, whereby a specific individual can readily be identified).

    Article 2 [Managing Personal Information]
    The TSS-Group, will act as a caretaker of personal information, following in-house regulations based on Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and ordinances, strictly controlling the personal information acquired from customers.
    Article 3 [How personal information is used]
    There are times when the TSS-Group will require personal information from customers in order to render services or make improvements to its services. Moreover there are times when the TSS-Group requires personal information in order to carry out membership-related services or to share promotional information related to membership or information concerning the services or products of other enterprises. A detailed purpose of use for the acquisition of personal information will be specifically stated at the time of acquisition, whether it is for membership-related services or otherwise. The TSS-Group will only use the personal information it acquires within the parameters it specifies to customers at the time of acquisition. In addition, should the occasion arise when the way the TSS-Group uses customer information is modified, it will notify customers via its website and other means prior to any changes taking place. In this case, if a customer chooses not to agree to a new use of customer information, that personal information will not be used for the newly expressed purpose.
    Article 4 [Information sharing]
    At no time will the TSS-Group offer personal information it acquires to third parties. However, a customer's personal information can be made available to participating TSS-Group enterprises and associated trading companies (suppliers, etc.), within the parameters clearly stated to the customer.
    Article 5 [Commitment to privacy]
    In order to protect customer information, the TSS-Group and associated enterprises adhere to a strict system created within this privacy policy.
    Article 6 [Customer rights]
    A customer voluntarily offers personal information to the to the TSS-Group and has every right to refuse to do so. However the result of this may mean the inability to receive a portion of the TSS-Group's services. A customer can make a demand to the TSS-Group privacy policy manager to see what personal information was disclosed by a customer to the TSS-Group. In the case that a customer makes a mistake within his/her personal information, the TSS-Group may request a correction. Furthermore, in the case a mistake is made on a membership application with the TSS-Group, a customer may be contacted in order to have that information revised. For further information concerning the disclosure, revision, and deletion of a customer's personal information, please contact customer support.
    Article 7 [Changes to this privacy policy]
    In order to safeguard the personal information of customers, there may be times when changes are made to this privacy policy. After making changes, the new policy will be in effect. Customers will not be notified individually at the time of change. The TSS-Group recommends checking this page periodically.

    Customer Support Center

    If you have any questions or comments please contact the customer support center.
    TSS Pronet Customer Support Center
    TEL:81-6-7653-5223  FAX:81-6-6428-0071

    For inquiries, please fill out an inquiry form.
    Please send a dated file via email to support@gpronet.com
    Please feel free to contact us! Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:30~17:30/closed Saturdays

    < Attention: When calling concerning personal information >
    A customer will need to confirm his/her identity before we can disclose any personal information.
    Please be ready to provide these details when you contact us.
    Please acknowledge in advance that we may be unable to meet a customer's request in the following situations:

    (1) In the case that a customer cannot verify his/her identity
    (2) In the case that false information is provided
    (3) In the case that disclosing information can endanger the life, health, or property of an individual or third party
    (4) In the case that disclosing information will considerably hinder the regular operations of this group
    (5) In the case that disclosing information would be a violation of law

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