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    Albatross 3 can be established at a variety of locations including driving ranges, athletic facilities, video arcades, cafés and bars, resorts, and company recreation facilities. Golf simulators are attracting attention in various industries thanks to the high potential for profit.

    At Driving Ranges, Golf Shops and Athletic Facilities
    The Albatross 3 received special recognition from the ASC (American States College) and WPGA organizations concerning the accuracy of the sensor used to measure distance and ball flight. The simulator is perfect for use at driving ranges and in golf instruction, as it includes a practice mode allowing players to work on tee shots, approach shots, bunkers and putting.
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    At Video Arcades, Karaoke Centers and Entertainment Centers
    Up to six players on one Albatross 3 system can choose from among 30 virtual golf courses on which to play a round of golf anytime, rain or shine. Establishing an indoor golf facility as a new business is one way to attract the attention of golf enthusiasts and potentially earn a significant profit. In fact, in Korea there are over 4,000 such indoor virtual golf facilities.

    At Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Lounges
    To stay competitive, it is starting to become more common to see golf simulators installed in cafes, bars and restaurants. Word of mouth about newly established simulators is a sure way to attract new customers and is a fresh approach to bringing in new business. Customers can enjoy a drink and chat while playing a round of golf. This new development in golf entertainment is something you can rely on.
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    At Resorts and Recreational Facilities
    Establishing simulators at resorts and recreational facilities definitely won't spoil the scenery. People of all ages can enjoy playing on a golf simulator, and enhancing your entertainment facilities will certainly result in increased customer satisfaction for your business.

    Business Success Around the World

    As of 2008, over 2,100 simulators have been established in New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Korea, and the United States, to name a few. The simulator has also received critical acclaim at international exhibitions.

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    Business proposals



    GPRO Co., Ltd.


    5-1-8 Higashiueno,
    Taito-ku, Tokyo

    TEL :03-5827-4122


    5-14-12Minami tsukaguchi-chō,



    356, Marushincho, Kita-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi


    〔Korean Branch Office〕

    Iui-dong 1286,
    Yongtong-gu, Suwon-city, Kyunggi-do


    〔China Beijing〕

    1-11, Lucky Street, Chaoyang Park Road,Chaoyang


    〔China Dalian〕

    No.21 Dagong-Street, Zhongshan, Dalian


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