• User Guide - Albatross 3

    Exquisite screen display and convenient menu.

    Everyone can easily enjoy Albatross 3.


    Player Information
    Player names, stroke count, distance to hole, score

    Course Information
    Course logo, course name, hole number, par, hole distance

    Hole Map
    Player location, distance to hole, wind direction, bird’s-eye view of course

    Wind Speed
    Wind information

    Putting Green
    Information about the incline of the green displayed with a color system

    Topography Indicates on what kind of typography the ball is laying

    Terrain Height Distance and height from the ball to the target

    Player Name Indicates the name of the player who is currently taking a turn

    Mulligan Indicates how many times a player is allowed to re-do a turn

    Hole Preview Automatically shows the target a player is shooting for

    Menu Add/delete players, display scorecards, skip holes, go to the main menu, and end a game

    Putting Grid
    A colored grid pattern that forms on the putting green Terrain elevation of the green is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen
    When the ball is situated on the green, the colored-grid is displayed. When the ball is situated off of the green, the color grid and the pin is displayed. A colored map on the right-hand side of the screen displays information about the green.




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