• Accessories - Albatross 3

    Peripheral equipment that will aid system management

    Optional accessories for enhancing gameplay and operations

    3-sided screen

    A Jumbo 3-sided screen that creates an extra realistic feeling of a real golf course

    Albatross Foot Plate

    This system includes an ultra-thin, 15cm plate, where a player stands. The height and incline of the plate can change rapidly in order to more realistically recreate golf course typography.

    Auto Tee-Up

    This is a self-adjusting system that raises or lowers the tee height up to 65mm at intervals of 3mm.

    Motion Replay

    This is a program that automatically photographs every swing and reproduces an image in real time.


    Special materials that are excellent in preventing noise and absorbing impact

    Ball Feeder

    Tap the foot switch, and an arm brings the ball to the tee.

    Auto Tee-Up and Foot Plate details※Click an image to magnify

    Albatross Manager 3.0

    Use the Albatross Manager if you have any trouble operating the Albatross system.
    Remote control and gameplay progress verification can help to better organize your system.

    Round Controls Member Controls

    Remote control: Any number of Albatross systems can be controlled remotely; it is possible to start and end rounds from an administrator's station.


    Real time status updates: Track the progress of each Albatross system, including number of players, courses, hole numbers, etc.

    It is possible to manage customer addresses and contact information.
    Reservations Locker Service Payment Controls
    It is possible to setup a system for customers who make reservations beforehand At a facility that rents out lockers, it is possible to organize a system for managing them

    Manage customer transactions as well as facility expenses




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